Young Adult

Classes for Young Adults

Grade 8 – Adult
Saturday, 10:00-noon and 1:00-300 pm
April 29 (1 class)

Techniques in watercolor are explored, including two hours of demonstration and information, then two hours of hands-on studio work.  This is an opportunity to learn from a master watercolorist.  Bring whatever watercolor supplies you are currently using or use art center student supplies.  Students should bring a lunch.  Phil Sealy
Class fee: $35

Grades 7 – Adult
Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm
April 4 through April 25 (4 classes)

This is a great opportunity to work with Charlotte Darling-Diehl, a nationally known stone carver.  The technique of direct carving in soft stone is explored.  Techniques for finishing the stone and for mounting sculpture are examined.  Tool rental and stone are included in the class fee.
Limit 10 students.
Class fee: $80