Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Upcoming Exhibitions

All Dressed Up
January 2 – February 11, 2006
A visual art exhibition that examines one of life’s basic necessities–clothing–and explores how clothing defines us as individuals, groups and cultures.

Wisconsin’s Four Seasons
February 24 – April 8, 2006
Wisconsin’s Four Seasons is a visual art exhibition that reflects seasonal life in Wisconsin.  Imagery will show seasonal weather; seasonal changes in nature; seasonal outdoor activities; holiday events; or how peiople, plants and animals are influenced by seasonal changes.

Found & Recycled
April 24 – June 3, 2006
Expect the unexpected as artists entice you into a visual realm of fine art created from discarded items and found objects. Fashion, architecture, music and art are represented in “trash” style! Educational as well as entertaining, Found & Recycled offers children and adults a fun experience with a focus on recycling.

Whodunit? Art & Mystery
June 16 – July, 29, 2006
Whodunit? presents images of mystery and imagination.  The exhibition explores complex, plot-driven narrative images that amaze and surprise us.  You’ll see artwork that contain twists and turns..  You’ll see illustrated mystery stories.  View Fim Noir.  Find out who the real villain of the story is and how the truth is revealed. 

Man Made
August 14 – September 23, 2006
For men only!  A visually artistic response to last year’s all-woman ART WOMAN exhibition at Appleton Art Center.  Artwork will explore issues related to the male experience.  Includes the following related activities:

Art India
October 9 – November 18, 2006
A cultural exhibition that helps visitors understand the culture of India through traditional and contemporary artwork, music, dance and traditional crafts.